Starting Easter Traditions (for your family)


What is tradition? The answer is different for anyone who answers it.

If you have just started doing life with your significant other or you are deciphering how you will raise your children; you understand the struggle of making life choices for yourself and for others. For those looking to start Easter traditions for your family, we say to start now, right here, with these tips.

Take the First Step

Whether you are a traditionalist or have a HIPster point of view, you must hop through the first steps of creating Easter traditions with a can-do attitude. If it feels like too much, it may just be.

Push all the BUNNY business aside and focus on the basics. What is important to you, your significant other and the future of your family? Thinking this deeply and this far ahead may be completely foreign to you.

You may be starting this whole family thing on your own, branching away from or adapting the traditions you grew up with. Regardless, the only way to start new traditions is to take the first step down your own path.

Stepping Away from Family Tradition

This may be a sticky situation for some. Some families may take you branching out in your own direction personally. It is difficult to walk away from tradition, and it is additionally difficult to make these life choices. It may not seem like much, but it can be complicated.

With every family and every generation, there is a choice to carry on certain traditional practices or to step away from them completely. Neither is wrong. Sticking with family tradition is easy, but if you are looking for how to step onto your own path and create or adapt your own traditions, we have tips.

What appeals to you? Perhaps, traditional practices attract you, but maintaining family tradition is what has you up to your *hare* in stress. Let’s consider your options, but remember, the choice is yours.

Festive Easter Fun

It’s all fun and games until a bunny is involved.

Depending on where you are in life, the Easter Bunny and kids may not be on your radar. If this is you, Easter traditions may sync closely with your religious beliefs or sheer fascination with the holiday.

Going to church is an ideal Easter tradition for many, as the holiday does have a strong religious foundation. In fact, most churches offer several Easter services, even sunrise services. It is a great excuse to wear your Sunday best and brunch with friends. You can be a little “extra” and wear an Easter bonnet and gloves too.

Bake a cake. Easter dinner is not complete without a delicious treat. Bake a cake and give it to someone as a gesture of kindness. Have some fun with the art of baking and make it a group effort. Gather your friends or turn baking a cake into a date night with your special someone. May we recommend ham or lamb chops, deviled eggs, and carrot cake for dessert, in honor of all the bunny business.

Who says kids get to have all the fun? Start all the fun traditions now. Things like dying Easter eggs, having a scavenger hunt and binging on Easter baskets with your significant other or a group of friends can be a lot of fun. It also gives you the chance to try out some of the traditions for yourself before the kiddos are involved.

Silly Rabbit, Easter is for Kids.

Now, let’s get to the kiddy business.

Visiting the Easter Bunny can be a very fun and memorable tradition to involve in your family’s Easter traditions. Coordinating your children’s outfits for pictures with the world’s most iconic bunny is a tradition that lives on in the homes of many.

Hiding eggs, collecting gifts and enjoying hollow chocolate bunnies and eggs are the combining factors that embody Easter traditions for families with kids. The most fun and memorable Easter traditions stem from childhood memories. If you are looking to create Easter traditions for your family, consider what carried over from your childhood and what will carry over best with your little ones.

Team up with the Easter Bunny to add some fun gifts or treats into your kiddos’ baskets. This is an Easter tradition that benefits parents and kiddos. Plus, he’ll appreciate the extra help. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Easter baskets don’t have to be solely bunny related. They can be whatever you want them to be.

Replace the plush bunny in their basket with a doll, a bear or a dump truck. Base each basket on each individual child. Favorite candies, coloring books, puzzles, fidget spinners, footballs and jump ropes are just a few options. This Easter basket approach works for kids and people of any age. Partnering with the Easter Bunny to create personalized Easter baskets for the kiddos is a tradition we can all get behind.

If you aren’t yet a parent, practice and treat your best friend or significant other to a personalized Easter basket of their own. Make it a tradition between the two of you. It’s fun to see the treats your friend or partner chose for you and creating their basket can be even more satisfying. You’ll be glad you started this tradition!

Above ALL Else, Prioritize Your Easter Traditions.

This will differ among every household, family and individual person, but starting Easter traditions for your family is so special. Consider what Easter traditions you are looking to keep, pass on or manipulate for you and your family. Prioritize what matters the most to you and what you deem most meaningful about the holiday.

Easter can be a lot of things for a lot of people. Whether you are religious, or you just embrace the peace and togetherness that the holiday brings, there is so much to appreciate about Easter tradition.

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One beautiful and meaningful Easter tradition is the giving of a peace lily. For some, the peace lily is a physical reminder of the rebirth of Christ. For others, it is a reminder of peace, purity and the beauty of life.

Let us help you start new and living Easter traditions for yourself and your family- traditions such as the giving of a peace lily. Our same-day delivery opens the door for such beautiful reminders during Easter time.

No matter the traditions you choose to practice at Easter time, just remember to do what is best for you and your family. It’s a time for love, giving and life.

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