Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas


It's almost Father's Day here in San Antonio, TX! Father's Day is all about showing dad how much you appreciate him and to give thanks for all the great things he's done for you! You obviously can't just get him any old gift, he deserves a unique gift and you know it. Not sure what to get him? Here at 1-800-Flowers San Antonio, we've got all the most unique Father's Day gift ideas for you!

The European Dish Garden for Dad Flower Arrangement is a great gift for dad! This flower arrangement is a classic with the varying green blooms, yet still serves as a beautiful piece of décor in his office or man cave. The European Dish Garden for Dad Flower Arrangement is paired with a "Happy Father's Day" balloon to really get the point across. This unique Father's Day gift idea says thank you in the simplest of ways.

What better way to show someone you appreciate them than with food? The All Fruit Basket is a healthy, and sincere way to say thank you to your dad. You know what they say, the way to a man's heart is though his stomach! The All Fruit Basket includes apples, grapefruits, pears, oranges, and/or apples! The fresh fruits are then placed into a nice reusable basket for you to give to dad as a Father's Day snack!

With Father's Day coming up in San Antonio, TX, 1-800-Flowers San Antonio is here to help you show your dad your appreciation for all he's done for you. From cheering you on at all your sports games and helping you with your homework assignments to relationship advice and any other problems that may arise, he's been there through it all. Let us make saying thank you just a little easier.

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