Your 2019 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Check one, it’s spring. Check two, get your house ready. Declutter, declutter, declutter... spring is the season for minimalistic thinking. Less clutter is the equivalent to less surfaces to collect dust. Start with your wardrobe. All the winter boots and heavy coats should be stored away until next winter. Leave a few light jackets and a sweatshirt for those cozy nights in.

Cleaning out your closet feels like a major accomplishment. It makes no sense to leave your wardrobe hanging, awaiting the next year. Clear your closet out. It will open everything up. It's rewarding. Organize and deep clean one room, and it will get the ball rolling toward an effective spring cleaning. Once one room is revamped and reorganized, you won’t be able to stop until it's all clean.

Spring cleaning is just another excuse to deep clean. It is your encouragement to get your life together. We get it. Life gets busy, but there needs to be time set aside to reset and reorganize. Use spring cleaning as a guideline for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. Give your home a new fresh feel. Lighten up the load and start anew with our 2019 spring checklist.

You are where you eat.

The kitchen is the place where most people spend a significant amount of their time. When your kitchen is messy, it makes a whole house feel out of whack. A kitchen cleanup and revamp can do a lot for a person’s home. Your kitchen can make or break your home’s value.

Start with your cabinets. Cleaning in and around cabinets can make your whole kitchen feel new. Organize and sanitize. This should be more than a yearly task. Spring cleaning is an ideal time to thoroughly examine your kitchen’s cleanliness. If you are in the market for an affordable kitchen remodel, consider adding a fresh coat of paint or backsplash to give it a value upgrade. A fresh and modern colored stain can help add value to those out-of-date cabinets. Organizing and accessorizing adds value without having to gut your kitchen.

Although you don’t want to gut your kitchen, feel free to gut the inside of the cabinets. Get rid of the unnecessary cups, bowls and unwanted dishes that have collected dust over the years. If you aren’t using them, or frankly, they don’t match your kitchen's overall look- toss them or give them away. Organizing and decluttering is the main priority when it comes to spring cleaning. Starting with your cabinets will get you on the right path to a successful spring cleaning.

Let some light in.

Lighting is KEY! The proper lighting can make anything look better. Want the perfect selfie? They have lights for that. Want to sell something online? A clean setup and proper lighting will have it rolling out the door. Investing in LED lights can help brighten a home. Try and keep the lighting consistent throughout the house. It will make a world of difference. Natural sunlight is always best, but for those rooms that need that extra something, LED is ideal.

It’s amazing what a little sunlight can do for a person. It helps with overall mental health. Just as light helps with a person’s well-being, natural light adds a unique ambiance that little to nothing compares to. When you are going through your spring-cleaning checklist, make sure to let some light in by thoroughly cleaning all the windows in your home.

This should be a common routine and an essential spring-cleaning task. Don’t stop at the windows’ glass. The seals, the molding and any other area you typically look over deserves a good cleaning this spring. Glass cleanser, bleach and pine-sol should all be within reach when spring cleaning is a go.

Time for a head-to-toe cleanup.

We often forget to clean so many nook and crannies that store those unneeded dusty peasants. Your carpet should be on your radar when prepping for spring cleaning. The day-to-day vacuuming isn’t going to make the cut. Consider a deep clean to catch up on all the wear and tear from the year.

Rent a carpet cleaner from a local grocer or spend a little extra on a respected carpet cleaning surface. Depending on how rough your carpet is treated, you may want to schedule a cleaning more than once a year. Treat your carpet well. It’s one of the spaces in your home where your skin will have the most direct contact.

If you have gutted the carpets in your home or are considering it, you’ll need to take a different approach when cleaning your wooden or tiled floors. Do a little research into what cleaner will be best for your floors. Clean floors can make a home feel brand-spanking new. Plus, it makes your house smell great!

A touch of color goes a long way.

Spring is often associated with fresh smells and bright colors. A pop of color can be added to any room to make it feel lighter and more spring like. After a thorough wash, consider adding in a bright coat of paint or some simple accents to add life to your home this spring.

Some of the best ways to add color to a bland room is through the right accents. It is amazing what a few brightly colored throw pillows can do for your living room or den. Add a few patterns with a couple accents colors and BAM! A so-so couch becomes the focal point to any room. The same goes for your bedding. Bright, accent colors draw the eye wherever you want it to. Consider where you want your guests looking and work from there. A patterned rug accents your flooring while a colorful piece of art, behind a desk, finishes an office. The options are limitless.

A touch of orange or yellow can add such vibrancy to a neutral gray or cream-colored room. When your walls are neutral, it gives you the opportunity to transition your home décor into every season. Invest in some different color sham covers and some simple knick-knacks to match. They can be easily stored and are an affordable way to transition through seasons. Just like an outfit, nothing makes a space feel more vibrant than with a color makeover. Adding color doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it makes a clean space feel like a new space.

Spring is in the air.

Spring cleaning is the mandatory time of the year where cleaning odds and ends are a must. Take a walk through your house and list things often overlooked or places you have never cleaned before. Light switches and outlets are a priority spot to clean in the spring. Consider making this a weekly task because it is something you are constantly touching. Prevent the spread of germs by cleaning outlets at least weekly.

Cleaning out vents is another must during springtime. Springtime equals pollen, and the struggle of pollen is REAL! These little fuzzy villains fighting our sinus cavities are truly the enemy of all spring’s beauty. Although you can’t avoid them and allergy medication can only protect against them so much, your home’s air vents should be your gateway to a better spring. Clean air vents will not only help your health, it will also be your sinus cavity’s spring haven.

Your home is your getaway. Once you walk into your front door, you should feel safe and comfortable. If you are fighting the air inside, well, then there’s a problem. Clean air vents, a stock of Febreze and essential oils can make your home that much more welcoming this spring. Let your home be your haven, and the air inside of it be fresh and clean.

Let’s get down to the root of the issue.

You are what you eat, or maybe you are where you eat. It is easy to overlook the underside of a table. Who thinks to clean under the surface of where they eat? Maybe with those little curious hands wandering about, you have already adopted the task. There is no doubt food and questionable smudges reside on the underside of the table or chairs in a home invested with those little ones’ germs.

Take the elbows off the table and put in the extra elbow grease. Your table isn’t going to clean itself. The underside of your table and chairs are a germ’s paradise. Take some time to get down and dirty. This is a must-clean area to add to your 2019 spring cleaning checklist.

Sanitize and rejuvenise. Adding in some time to sanitize your table will help get rid of those extra germs roaming around. If you are looking to get a fresh, new look, changing up your kitchen table is a must. You can go with a fresh coat of stain to add a little bit of vibrancy, or you can sand down and see where the table takes you. It is NOT essential that you spend all that extra money to buy a new table when a new table is there waiting for a makeover.

List it Out.

Depending on your personality, lists are either your friend or foe. Most people have good intentions when it comes to writing lists and staying organized. We all have the right intentions, but some of us are worse about letting it slip through our fingers. Don’t worry. We are all guilty of it.

Although lists can become an overlooked chore, they are actually very useful and a key component of effective spring cleaning. Dust mites and unorganized fights with clutter during the springtime are just one reason why a spring-cleaning game plan should be underway.

When listing out your springtime tasks, consider the intricate parts of your home that hardly ever (if ever) get any attention. This 2019 spring cleaning checklist is your guideline toward getting one step closer to an organized and polished home. Only you can truly personalize your home’s spring-cleaning checklist. You know what your home needs. We are here to remind you of places you might overlook.

Don’t stress over keeping up with a planner or a bulletin board. Simple checklists on sticky notes or even on a grocery list will help make your mission seem more do-able. Plus, you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing off each task and tossing the list when each day’s worth of cleaning is done. It gives you a true sense of fulfillment. Looking around and seeing the excess mess or the trail of dirt your child drug in from practice can be discouraging. However, you can look back at your list and say otherwise.

Break Down the Tasks.

List out the different rooms in your house. Consider all the above points when taking on each room’s mess. It is important to break down your list. Don’t try completing all your tasks within a day or even two. This will cause undue stress; stress that often prevents the job from ever getting done. It is called spring cleaning because it is all the tasks that should be done leading up to or throughout springtime. To be honest, these tasks should be on our to-do list throughout the year. A year’s worth of grime is not an ideal living space. It is also not an ideal day’s cleaning list. Break down the tasks to ensure an effective cleaning.

Share the responsibility. Get your kiddos in on the action. It teaches them responsible and good work ethic. Show them how to prep and talk them through their tasks. Among all the complaining will be a life lesson. Reward them after they are finished. Extra TV time or a favorite treat are great incentives. You’ll get some extra help, and they’ll get a better understanding of what their parents do on a day-to-day basis.

It is important to make cleaning a priority in your life. It helps with productivity and overall mood. Our 2019 spring cleaning checklist was created to help you evaluate your own cleaning regimen. Our florists at 1-800-Flowers San Antonio in San Antonio, TX, are here to help you transition your home into spring with fresh flowers. The perfect and natural way to brighten a home.

There is nothing quite like a newly scrubbed home- sanitized and organized. Light a candle with your favorite scent and set your newly formed flower arrangement in the center of your spotless table. Let your home radiate. Spring cleaning is your yearly reminder to take care of yourself and your home. There is a unique and accomplished feeling that comes along with an organized home. Make it a lifestyle or enjoy it while it lasts. Until next year, spring cleaning.

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